The Gift Horse

by Brown Shoe

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Alan Clifford
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Alan Clifford I just love this band. They have an incredible melodic ability, great vocalist and the musicianship is astounding. Coupled with an attention to sonic detail that makes every track a place for a heart stopping moment or two, and lyrics that are straight and true, you can't go wrong with a bit of Brown Shoe.
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released October 18, 2011



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Brown Shoe Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: C.F.
Mmm gone mmm ya gone gone
I can carry a million pounds on my back
But a feather on my chest could break my heart
I can carry a million of you on my back

I can carry a million of you on my back
But I can’t carry the weight of you on my heart
I can take the slivers from the house that we build
If you can take the shivers from the milk that I spill
If I foment about your happiness it is a testament to the fool I am
Sss sinner you you call me you sure look like the devil to me

I can carry a million of you on my back
But can’t carry the weight of you on my heart
Track Name: Colt Rider
Colt Rider
Cold girl with a fever for it between her legs now
Your hands are white as ash as you hold on to it

All the young ones with their babies
I do wanna fill you up with mine
No need for worryin’ just yet now is not the time

You’re not fuckin’ Jesus you’re fuckin” me now
Don’t feel bad about it while you hold on to it while we sleep
Track Name: All Your Ghosts
All Your Ghosts
Take off your clothes and come dance with me
You call yourself crazy you gotta prove it to me
All your ghosts can see right through you

Just cause you shake that ass don’t mean you’re a whore
You’ll never be owned
So shake that ass shshake that ass jujust shake that ass for me some more

Would ya mind
If I put my hands between your thighs
I’m easy to love if you haven’t met me before
All your ghosts can see right through you

Cause you shake that ass don’t mean you’re a whore
That’s somethin’ he don’t know

And it’s all down hill from here
Track Name: Diving Bell
Diving Bell
Remember when I took you up to the seaside mountains
And I picked you up on my back and carried you to the edge of the bluffs
You said your knees were swollen up like little tree trunks
It was my heart that was swole carry that on your back up this bumpy road

Your patience is more like panic and you’re diving on your own
You’re tethered to no place but you keep gettin’ tangled up out in the open cuts
Can you hear see the warning bell

If I met you a million years from now
Would we be planets circling the same snow globe
If we would be furniture I’d be your ottoman
To your lazy chair to put your feet up on

The warning bell
Track Name: Sick Man
Sick Man
I could be your black man
As black as the night would allow
Locked up in the garrison of our lovers grip few fortunes could strip
Swimming on our boat on an ocean of lust
Touching tongues we can’t trust

Is it too much to bear
Lets go under water where there’s no air

I could sing you lullabies if you stop shakin’ in bed
If you nurse the needle you thread

I’ll keep my tie on if you take your dress off
Track Name: Late Nights
Late Nights
You got me so tired out from runnin’ you down
I’m so tired out from goin’ down
I’m so tired out from runnin’ you down
I’m so tired out I’m gonna lay down

Takin’ planes to kiss those virgin lips
Don’t make much sense if you don’t have much sense to speak of
If you wanted out couldn’t you just say

Liftin’ your skirt over your head
Gettin’ your make-up all over my bed
Get your hands outta my hair
Track Name: The Run
The Run
With looks like these this mother fucker is made for the screen
Don’t get caught in his glance unless you willin’ to dance with me
So twirl your skirt until it hurts my baby please
And I’ll shake my knees if that’s what ya please my baby doll
Banquet tables and tiered cakes Chinese lanterns that’s what I say
I say what’s wrong with you

I am made for the run
Are you made for the run
Well are you

Put your dreams on hold we’ll call it a sort of layaway
Makin’ payments by the day
It seems you are never late

I am made for the run
We ain’t all made for the run

We are made for the run
Track Name: Pauper
I don’t look mean cause I ain’t
I look mean cause I am
But if you find me in a gutter you best be on your way
You could say I saw him once he was not at his best
But he sure could have had the best of me
There are stories abound of witches and saints
Which is almost always the same

I’m a pauper to some
Some say I’m a wealthy baron on the run
But if you find me in an alley
You should be the one to run

So you fancy a gun
I fancy some fun
Why don’t we find out who’s got all the luck
And it ain’t just cause I drink or that I lost at love
Maybe mean is just the way that I’m made up
Track Name: Criminal Baker
Criminal Baker
If I had a document of every moment and everything you said
How would that story have read
I might be dying but you sure do look like death
You’re an inpatient patient without much use for me

Bottle it bottle it up
Even though you’re right just bottle it up

Wish I was a criminal baker and I could bake you a pie
The kind of pie that would steal your insides
Wish I was a roll of the dice
So that everything was a surprise
Wish I was more direct so that my love wasn’t implied

Bottle it bottle it up
I came here to let go but since we’re here
why don’t we give it a go like we’ve done before
Track Name: Sweet Crazy Baby
Sweet Crazy Baby
Come on come on my sweet crazy baby
my body so tired so tired from workin’
my body ain’t so tired that it can’t take your lovin’

so come on come on my sweet crazy baby

your tears from all your loins achin’
no worryin no more
almost home for my lovin’

so come home my sweet crazy baby